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Pearl Harbor Day


We often talk of World War II, it was a major series of events in American and world history, as long as those survivors were in charge, things were better than ever, as they leave the stage, we are seeming to come face-to-face with the fact that they went to easy on us, and the discipline to succeed in the real world appears to be lacking. We need to look back and take the lesson that America was taught starting today, 72 years ago.

72 years ago today, America was attacked at Pearl Harbor. We were thus thrust onto center stage of the 20th Century’s biggest conflict and the most clear-cut war for liberty in the history of the world. It’s a day to remember the sacrifices made by that generation, who are now leaving us at a very rapid pace. They saved the world for freedom, this would be…

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RIP Dave Brubeck

Blathering 504

I’ve heard Dave Brubeck’s music most of my life…although I didn’t know who he was until I was an adult.  Take 5 is a joy even on the millionth listen.

I watched the telecast the year he was awarded the Kennedy Center Honors and the smile on his face when he realized his sons were playing in the band just melted by heart. That was 2009 and he was already in his late 80s, but he looked great. He was 1 day shy of his 92nd birthday but I was still surprised by his death.

Watch the whole thing but to see Brubeck’s face when he realizes his four sons are playing for him, zoom forward to 3:24.

I know I’m a little late on this, but my internets were intermittent for about a week and it’s that super-busy time of year where I try to make everything happen.

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September 3 1935 Sir Malcolm Campbell exceeds 300 mph

Craig Hill Training Services

On September 3rd 1935, a new land-speed record was set by Britain’s famed speed demon, Sir Malcolm Campbell. On the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah, Campbell and his 2,500-hp motor car Bluebird made two runs over a one-mile course at speeds averaging 301.129 mph. In breaking the 300-mph barrier, he surpassed the world record of 276.82 mph that he had set earlier in the year.

Malcolm Campbell, born in a suburb of London in 1885, served as a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps during World War I. After the war, he took up automobile racing and was a favourite at the old Brooklands racing track in Weybridge, Surrey.

In 1922, a new land-speed record of 133.788 mph was set at Brooklands, and Campbell dedicated himself to breaking it. Searching for an optimal racing surface, he conducted speed trials on a beach in Denmark and at Saltburn in…

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World War II

Chapter 6

The Yoo Hoo Incident

It is here in the timeline that the incident that made my father’s regiment famous happened. Dad was on furlough at this time, falling in love with my mom and hanging out with her family in Brookville, Kansas. Even so, news of this incident provided the “mothers” of the soldiers a reason to campaign. This is where Dad’s regiment and Lieutenant General (LTG) Ben Lear were granted the first nicknames of World War II. This is a story worth preserving.

General Ben Lear (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

The 110th Quartermaster, 35 Division, still at Camp Robinson was providing ground transportation for the 2nd Infantry to and from the Tennessee training grounds which were about 145 miles away. The training exercises were headed by a newly promoted Lieutenant General (LTG) Ben Lear. From reading my father’s letters at 62 years old he directed…

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